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The car was initially conceived with a US partner as a mixed surface rally cross vehicle. It was to be available in various configurations including car and motorcycle engine versions and was to be sold throughout America. Price and durability were a major consideration so the designs were done in such a way to be simple and cost effective using as many standard OEM parts as possible.

CAD design process


CAD design process

Car is designed in in CAD to make extensive use of manufacturing processes, all straight tubes, some of the CNC bent tubes, and all sheet metal parts are laser cut.

The chain drive was discounted as being too high maintenance, so we designed and manufactured our own gear drive system. Initially this was built with a solid axle. This was recently updated to include a Quaife ATB diff.




Following initial testing in the US we have converted the original three UK produced prototypes to be compliant with UK hill climb / sprint regulations, these modifications included:

  • Fitment of full MSA ROPS compliant roll hoop
  • Designing and producing a full composite body
  • Suspension and running gear modifications suitable for using slick racing tyres

General vehicle specification



  • Wheelbase : 2050mmTrack width : 1600
  • Engine : Standard 2011 Suzuki GSXR1000
  • Drivetrain : Bespoke gear drive, ATB diff unit
  • Overall weight : 420 kg wet
  • Front suspension : Double wishbone
  • Rear suspension : Semi trailing arm
  • Tyres : 190/570 R15 Avon slicks


Curborough 2 lap 09-07-2017 UVD Puma Phil practice 1 start

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