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Fast live buggies project

Customer required 3 high performance buggies for a worldwide show

Fast live buggies project
  • Jason statham fast attack buggy

    Fast live buggies
  • Fast live buggies

    Fast live buggies
  • Fast live buggies


Customer required 3 buggies designed to resemble a vehicle from a movie. They required the buggy to be scaled down to suit being used in a small arenas

General spec included

  • Suzuki Hayabusa 1380cc engines
  • Bespoke chassis design to suit body
  • Full aluminum panel body styled to resemble movie vehicle
  • Project was full design, manufacture, build and test program to deliver running vehicles
  • Bespoke gear drivetrain designed and manufactured for reliability

Design process



UV Design & Engineering designed a body using aluminum sheet panels to resemble the movie vehicle, then designed a steel tube chassis to fit underneath incorporating of:

  • Bespoke suspension components
  • Bespoke gear drivetrain / spool differential
  • Oversized radiator / cooling pack
  • The supplier provided body panels ready to assemble and all rivet holes pre-cut

Chassis assembly & manufacture


Once the design was completed and approved, all tube and sheet parts were laser cut to utilise innovative manufacturing techniques.

  • All tube and sheet laser cut by sub-contract suppliers and supplied ready to assemble or weld.
  • All tube and sheet parts assembled using pegs or slots – no jigs or fixture required.
  • All parts assembled and fully TIG welded by UV Design & Engineering.

UV Design & Engineering manufactured all metalwork components in-house , including:

  • All chassis parts
  • All suspension components
  • All water system parts
  • All fuel system parts

Vehicles assembly



UV Design and Engineering sourced and supplied all running gear components including:

  • Suzuki Hyabusa engines
  • Wiring harness
  • Suspension

Project timescale



  • The project from start to completion took approximately 5 months
  • We delivered the vehicles assembled, running and fully tested.



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28th September 2018

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