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Top Gear Live – Split Fiesta

Customer required 1 Ford Fiesta S1600 modifying to split into 2 separate halves for worldwide live show

Top Gear Live – Split Fiesta


General spec included

Customer required 1 Ford Fiesta modifying to enable the appearance of driving as one car and then split following an explosion. The car would split in half and carry on driving in two pieces.

General spec included:

  • Vehicles had to be reliable as it was a live show
  • Had to be capable of driving as a single full car and a two cars split into two


Design process



UV Design & Engineering conceived a method for converting the cars quickly and cost effectively:

  • Vehicle was stripped to a bare bodyshell, fixed to a body jig then cut in half
  • All body parts, including doors and windows, were cut as required and reattached
  • All standard internal components cut in half and replaced
  • Separate engines, steering and control components were used in half
  • Vehicle halves held together with electromagnets


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20th October 2018

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